Learning more about CAT

Information in this section points you to literature about CAT, video materials, and research evidence.

If you are looking for first hand accounts of cognitive analytic therapy, click on this link.

What else can I read about CAT?

You can find links to books and book chapters on CAT by following this link. 

You can also read a number of online blogs about cognitive analytic therapy by clicking here.

Are there any videos I can watch about CAT?

ACAT has its own YouTube Channel and is building up video material there. You can see a selection of videos about about CAT through this link.

What does research show about CAT?

Read more about research into CAT by clicking this link. 

See an up-to-date listing of research publications on CAT since 2014 by clicking on to the CAT Evidence Base page.

Read a blog about the latest evidence on the effectiveness of CAT by clicking on this link.

What People Say About CAT by ACAT Public Engagement Team
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Information for you about Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)