Finding a Private CAT Therapist

Our main website has a section which lists ACAT accredited CAT practitioners and psychotherapists.  This means that they:

  • are fully qualified at CAT therapists
  • are current ACAT members
  • have supervision for their private therapy work
  • adhere to ACAT’s Code of Ethics and Practice, and
  • are insured for their private practice.

You can visit this private practice listing by clicking this link

Image of a pen hovering over two boxes marked yes and no, with a tick and a cross in eachTo find out more about how you can tell if your therapist is properly qualified as a cognitive analytic therapist, visit our article  How Do I Know My Therapist Is Qualified to Deliver Cognitive AnalyticTherapy? by clicking this link.  This explains the different levels of qualification and what they involve.

Finding A Private CAT Therapist by ACAT Public Engagement Team
CC BY-SA 4.0 

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