Finding CAT in the NHS

Cognitive Analytic Therapy is offered in many NHS services throughout the UK.  Read our post here about how to access talking therapies through referral to NHS services.

We offer links below to information and services  we are aware of (last updated in February 2024).  However we cannot guarantee the links below are up to date and strongly recommend that you contact your local services for more information. 

Please note also some Trusts and services do not list CAT in their online information even though it is on offer.  So even if your local service is not included in our listing, you can still ask your care provider about whether it is available.

The listing is in alphabetical order, by NHS Trust.

Please note that ACAT is not responsible for and cannot comment on the range, quality, and availability of CAT services offered by different NHS Trusts.


Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

CAT is offered within Berkshire Healthcare’s Community Mental Health Teams.  Read more at

Cambridge University Hospitals Trust

CUH’s Liaison Psychiatry Service includes a psychological medicine service. This includes cognitive analytic therapy in the range of help on offer to people referred because of physical and mental health difficulties.  Read more at

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

CNWL Trust’s Psychotherapy Services list CAT as one of the therapies on offer at some of their services .  Read more at the links below.

CNWL Trust’s Outpatient Eating Disorders Service includes CAT aqs one of the therapies on offer at its Kensington site, St Vincent’s Square.  Similarly, CAT is included in its satellite service at Northwick Park Mental Health Unit in Harrow for patients in Brent and Harrow. More details below

Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

CAT is offered by a range of services within CNTW.

A specialist CAT therapy service is available through the Centre for Specialist Psychological Therapies in Newcastle.  This is for adults who have mental health problems or difficulties in their relationships.  Referral can be arranged through “any psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, specialist nurse, Community Treatment Team or your GP.”

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Derbyshire Healthcare’s Clinical Psychology service offers CAT through the  Older People’s Mental Health Service.  They provide services across a number of localities that cover all parts of Derbyshire, including
•    Amber Valley
•    Bolsover & North East Derbyshire
•    Chesterfield
•    Derby City
•    Derbyshire Dales
•    Erewash
•    High Peak
•    South Derbyshire

Read more about Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s service at

Devon Partnership NHS Trust

CAT is listed as one of the relational psychological therapies offered within the Devon Partnership services –

Click here for a leaflet about Cognitive Analytic Therapy offered through Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

The Intensive Psychological Therapies Service (IPTS), based in Poole, offers CAT as one of its specialist therapies for people with enduring emotional and psychological mental health problems.  It has won national recognition as a model of good practice.

The IPTS webpage has links to a number of leaflets about CAT.  This includes a ‘CAT Poster’ which uses the image of a house to illustrate the process and show  how the model integrates a number of other therapeutic approaches.  These include Compassion-Focussed Therapy (CFT), skills based on Dialectal Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Gestalt and dreamwork, and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Read more at the IPTS webpage at

There is also a leaflet on CAT at this link –

East London NHS Foundation Trust

ELFT offers CAT in a number of services, including:

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

GMMH offers CAT through a number of different services, including older adults services, the psychological therapies service and the psychotherapy service in Manchester – see information about the latter at this link

GMMH’s information page on CAT is at

In GMMH’s Salford Talking Therapies Service cognitive analytic therapy is offered at Steps 3 and 3+ – see more information at this link

Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Leeds and York Partnership include CAT as one of the therapies offered through their Psychology and Psychotherapy Service.  Read more at

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

CAT is offered in a wide range of services within Merseycare. These include:-

Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

CAT is one of the therapies offered through the Wellbeing Norfolk and Waveney IAPT service in Norwich.  Find out more by contacting the service at

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

CAT is available in a number of Pennine Care services including those in Secondary Care in:

Pennine Care’s Oldham Healthy Minds Service took part in a research study on patient preference for Guided Self Help for Anxiety – comparing cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive analytic therapy – click here for more information about Oldham Healthy Minds  Patient Preference Trial.   You can also read more information about the study and its outcomes on our blog  page Guided Self Help Using CAT.

A further service hosted by Penninecare, and offering CAT, is the Military Veterans Service. This  is a specialist psychological therapies service for British armed forces veterans across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.  More details about the Military Veterans Service can be found by clicking here.

CAT is also offered in Stansfield Place, a rehabilitation service for men with severe mental illness – more information at this link.

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

CAT is offered in a number of services within Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, including through community mental health teams – tmore information on their website at

South London and Maudsley

Cognitive analytic therapy is widely available within the South London and Maudsley’s (SLaM) services. See links below for more details.

South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

Services for people with Complex Needs.  CAT is mention as being on offer through both the Wandsworth Complex Needs Team and the Kingston Complex Needs Pathway.

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Through its i-talk service, this NHS Trust offers CAT within its IAPT services.  More details at

Sussex Community NHS Trust

Diabetes Care For You is an integrated service for people living with diabetes in East Sussex.  The service includes psychology and psychotherapy alongside specialist nursing,medicine, dietetics, and podiatry.  The psychology and psychotherapy component is led by a CAT psychotherapist, Jackie Fosbury.  Diabetes Care For You has been recognised as a best practice example in Diabetes UK’s 2019 report ‘Too Often Missing: Making emotional and psychological care routine in diabetes care’ – read a copy of the report by clicking on this link.

You can read an information leaflet about Diabetes Care For You by clicking on this link.

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Sussex Partnership has produced a video about cognitive analytic therapy which is published on YouTube.  You can watch it at this link.

Amongst a range of other services, the Sussex Eating Disorders Service (SEDS) offers CAT – more information at

Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Both CAT therapy and Cognitive Analytic Consultancy to teams and services are widely available throughout TEWV services. If you would like to be referred for CAT within TEWV, please discuss this with your care coordinator, lead professional or doctor.

For more information about CAT at TEWV, click on this link.

Northern Ireland

awaiting further information


We are aware that CAT is offered in several Scottish Health Trusts, including:

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

awaiting further information

NHS Highland

CAT is offered in several locations in NHS Highland including Oban, Inverness and Lochgilphead.  For more specific enquiries, you can contact NHS Highland through their webste at this link.

NHS Lanarkshire

awaiting further information

NHS Lothian

awaiting further information


awaiting further information

If you would like your NHS Trust or service to be added to this listing, or if you have updates, please contact us with as much information as possible.

Last updated February 2024

Finding CAT in the NHS by ACAT Public Engagement Team
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