Reading About CAT

What else can I read about cognitive analytic therapy?

The following books and chapters give brief or straightforward accounts of CAT:

Change for the Better: Self Help Through Practical Psychotherapy (5th edition)  by  Elizabeth Wilde McCormick (2017)   This is a self-help book using CAT principles, written by a founder member of ACAT.  The book has been translated into several languages.

The book’s publisher, Sage, have made a number of resources and material from Change for the Better available online.

A sample chapter can also be downloaded from

Talk Yourself Better: A confused person’s guide to therapy, counselling and self-help by Ariane Sherine (2018) – This includes an interview with Elizabeth Wilde McCormick in the chapter about CAT.

Personal Experiences of Psychological Therapy for Psychosis and Related Experiences Edited by Peter Taylor, Olympia Gianfrancesco, Naomi Fisher (2018) – Chapter 5 by ‘Alex’ and Claire Seddon provides perspectives about the personal experience of undergoing CAT therapy, plus an overview of the model by an accredited CAT therapist.

Psychotherapy: A Very Short Introduction by Tom Burns and Eva Burns-Lundgren (2015) – Pages 50 to 54 give a very brief overview of CAT.

There are also a number of text books about CAT, written mainly for professionals.  Click on this link to see a full listing of books and chapters about cognitive analytic therapy

If you are interested in learning about CAT as a therapist, the following recent publications may be helpful starting points.

A Beginners Guide to Cognitive Analytic Therapy: Practitioner and Service User Perspectives by Sarah Craven-Staines and Jayne Finch (2024)  This book is aimed at therapists interested in their first steps in learning about CAT, and also includes service user accounts throughout.

Therapy with a map: A Cognitive Analytic Approach to Helping Relationships by Steve Potter (2020)

Cognitive Analytic Therapy: Distinctive Features by Claire Corbridge, Laura Brummer and Phillipa Coid (2018)


Reading About CAT by ACAT Public Engagement Team
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