Blogs about Cognitive Analytic Therapy

In addition to the materials on this site, a number of online blogs contain articles and information about cognitive analytic therapy.  We list some below featuring material written by accredited ACAT members or those with a close connection with ACAT.

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Parenting – the Middle Way  This is a blog series on parenting from a CAT perspective by past Chair of ACAT, Alison Jenaway.  Her blog began in September 2018.

Dear X: A Letter to Chronic Fatigue  This is a CAT-style letter written from Louise Kenward to her illness.  Louise’s background is as an artist, currently writing, with a career in the NHS as a psychologist and psychotherapist specialising in CAT.  The British Medical Journal’s Medical Humanities blog published her letter in August 2018.

Dear X: A Letter to Chronic Fatigue

Catalyse Blog   Catalyse is a not-for-profit organisation based in the north of England.  It provides practitioner training in CAT, continuing professional development, and other services related to cognitive analytic therapy.  The Catalyse blog began in 2016. and includes blog posts by a number of internal and ‘guest’ authors. They are mainly aimed at professionals.

Untying the Knots Through Cognitive Analytic Therapy – What Does It Means to Have a Sense of Self?  This is a Psychreg blog written by Alison Jenaway in April 2018.

Blogs About Cognitive Analytic Therapy by ACAT Public Engagement Team
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