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This site contains pages and blog posts about many different aspects of cognitive analytic therapy (CAT).  We hope to build upon it as time goes on with the help of members, colleagues and people who have experience of CAT as a therapy.  If you would like to contribute to this, please contact us.

The main navigation tabs along the top of the page direct you to pages on CAT as a therapy for yourselfCAT for me. This includes first hand experiences of CAT.

The there is a section on CAT through others, which gives examples of CAT ideas applied through teams and in different settings.

The next section is on Finding CAT in the NHS and elsewhere.

A further section helps you learn More about CAT through books, blogs and videos about CAT; and research.

You can complete a survey about what you make of the site and how we can improve it.  And finally you can find out ways to contact us and get involved with ACAT.

The site also includes a range of other blogs and articles which go into different aspects of CAT in more detail.  Browse through these on the articles page, or use the links below.

We are still adding to these pages.  If there’s a topic you’d really like to see an article about, why not contact us to suggest it or fill in the survey at this link?

CAT Tools

CAT Concepts

CAT Evidence Base

Relationships and CAT

CAT and Inequalities

Am I ready for CAT?

CAT and Trauma

  • CAT and Trauma – awaiting

Cognitive Analytic Therapy Around the World

Training as a CAT Therapist

Adaptations of CAT in Different Settings

CAT Across the Lifespan

  • CAT Across the Lifespan – awaiting
  • CAT in Pregnancy and the Perinatal Period – awaiting
  • CAT in Care Settings – awaiting
  • CAT and Play- awaiting
  • Youth CAT – CAT With Children and Young People
  • CAT in Adulthood- awaiting
  • CAT and Older Age- awaiting

The History of CAT

  • Tony Ryle and the CAT Story – awaiting

Information for you about Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)