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ACAT’s Anti-racist Statement

In July 2021 a group of over twenty ACAT members met to discuss the organisation’s commitment to anti-racist practice. They set out to create a statement together that described this.

The resulting statement has since been approved by our Board of Trustees, in October 2021.

We acknowledge that racism exists in our society and our model was developed from within a Western Eurocentric culture. In accordance with our model this inevitably means that racist reciprocal roles will be enacted within our organisation, our trainings and by our members, whether done in awareness or not. We commit as an organisation to maintain dialogue with ourselves, each other and with others who are not ACAT members, even when it is painful or difficult, with the aim of growing an ever-widening understanding of what it is to be human, and to decrease the malign influence of power dynamics wherever they exist.

You can find out more about what ACAT is doing to address equality and diversity at the link here – https://www.acat.me.uk/page/equality+and+diversity

You can read a blog about emotional processes when we try to think about privilege and prejudice, written by our member Lorraine Welch , at this link – Facing Privilege and Prejudice